Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

If you’ve been searching online for terms like ‘Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast‘, ‘Air Conditioner Installation Gold Coast‘, ‘Air Conditioning Installers Gold Coast‘, or ‘Air Conditioner Installers Gold Coast‘, you’ll find a wide range of companies. Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast stands out above the rest due to our uncompromising focus on quality and service. Talk to a member of our professional team today and find out why we’re the best choice for air conditioning installation Gold Coast .We have been providing air conditioning installations on the Gold Coast since 1995.

Whether you are interested in a ducted system or a wall mounted split system we can give you advise with a free in house quote. Air conditioning units are one of the most expensive add-ons to a property so you should feel confident that you have the right advice. Choosing the right unit will add value to your home as well as cooling and heating your house.

A unit too small will cost a lot more to run and a unit to large will not only cost more to buy but also runs the risk of short cycling. Air conditioning short cycling is when your air conditioner goes through its on-and-off cycles too frequently. When this happens, it makes it difficult for your home to stay comfortable and it can add a lot to your energy bill. This frequent on-and-off cycling can also put your air conditioner through a lot of stress that can lead to premature breakdowns. There are two main types of air conditioning units that we install.

Wall mounted split system air conditioning installation Gold Coast and ducted air conditioning installation Gold Coast.

Wall mounted split system air conditioning installation Gold Coast – These are the most economical unit for those looking for a cost-effective option. They are quiet and energy efficient. They use a hand held remote to change the settings. Some units can have a wired wall controller or a Wi-Fi card added as an option. The Wi-Fi option allows the unit to be controlled from a smart phone so you can alter the settings where ever you are. The remote normally has different timer settings to allow your unit to be turned on and off at preset times.

The cheapest installation option is called a ‘back to back’ installation. This is when the indoor unit is installed on or against an exterior wall. The refrigeration pipes, drains and interconnect electrical are run through the wall and straight down to the outdoor unit. This is positioned directly below the indoor unit with no more than 3 meters between the two units. The outdoor unit can be installed wherever possible however a per meter rate will apply which can greatly increase the price.

back to back air conditioning installations

The outdoor unit is normally placed on top of a plastic slab if placed in a garden or on grass. The outdoor unit can also be installed on wall brackets if flooding is an issue or if you need more room under the unit. The outdoor unit can also be raised on top of plastic feet.

They are cheap to install with installation prices normally between $450 and $660 including electrical.

Ducted air conditioning installation Gold Coast – A ducted air conditioning unit has the advantage of being able to cool or heat your entire house if needed. Like the wall mounted split system it also has an indoor and an outdoor unit – but instead of the indoor unit being mounted on a wall it is installed in your ceiling space. Ducts are connected to the unit which allows the conditioned air to be pumped into different rooms through grills cut into the ceiling.  The unit can also be ‘zoned’ to allow different areas to be isolated when needed. A zone is basically an on/off device in the ductwork that stops the air flowing through the grills.  The more zones you have the more energy efficient the unit becomes as air isn’t being pumped into rooms that are not being used.

Ducted air conditioning units can be sized big enough to cool or heat your whole house if needed. Most houses would use a 12Kw system. Systems over 16 Kw will need to be run with three phase power. This is not normally provided in most houses and a switchboard upgrade will be necessary if you choose to go this path.

Ducted air conditioning units look better then split systems as the only thing you will see in the rooms are the grills in the ceiling space. You also only have only one outdoor unit which means it can easily be placed anywhere around the house.
Control options for ducted air conditioning units vary, however the simplest and cheapest option is the air conditioning wall controller next to the zone switch. Other options include LCD touchpads and WiFi control.

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