Air Conditioning Maintenance

Trying to sleep on a hot, humid Gold  Coast summers night can be extremely uncomfortable and can significantly reduce sleep. Or being stuck in a humid, sticky office or living room on a hot day can also be  uncomfortable and can significantly reduce productivity, as all you can think about is enjoying a long, cold shower when you get home! No matter what the environment, an under-performing air conditioning unit can prove to be an unproductive and expensive piece of equipment, which is why regular servicing is needed to ensure optimal efficiency.

As commercial air conditioning units are typically used more regularly than residential ones, it is recommended that such systems are serviced at least twice a year. Depending on their location, it may also be necessary to service the units up to 4 times a year.

Residential air conditioning systems usually only need to be serviced at least once a year as their usage is considerably less frequent.

No matter what environment your air conditioning unit is located in, if you begin to notice that it is not working as efficiently as it used to, your system will need to undergo some air conditioning maintenance. Underperformance can be caused by a number of issues, a few of which include blocked filters, and low refrigerant. Air leaks and broken zone motors will also affect the air conditioning units performance in ducted systems.

Blocked and dirty filters can significantly affect the performance of your air conditioning unit and can end up costing you a great deal of money. If ignored, dirty filters can cause fan motors and compressors to work harder therefore consuming more electricity and you will end up paying higher energy bills for a unit that isn’t performing as it should be.

Even though the air conditioning unit itself is sealed, refrigerant leaks can still occur which would lead to a considerable decline in performance. Eventually no hot air or cold air would be produced, meaning the system would become ineffective and a substantial strain on the units efficiency and your power bill. Such leaks must only be repaired by fully trained engineers who have the relevant certifications and qualifications to undertake the job in hand.

Maintaining an air conditioning unit

During air conditioning maintenance, an engineer will thoroughly clean the unit and clean the filters, while checking the electrical components and the overall performance of the system. Looking after the compressor correctly is critical as it is a main part in the system and the replacement cost is often as much as installing a complete new system. It is also important to note that the condensing unit located outside your property must be able to breathe. If it is covered or blocked in any way, it will not be able to bring in enough air from outside. Make sure leaves, dirt and animal fur have not blocked air flow around the coil and that there are no objects leaning against the front or back of the unit.

Signs of a poorly maintained air conditioning system include:

– Weak airflow

– Stale odours

– Leaking water

– Dirty appearance

– Not cooling or heating as well as it has in the past

Thorough air conditioning maintenance ensures the air conditioning unit is operating at it peak which will, as a result, prolong its lifespan. Not only will regular servicing affect the unit’s performance, it will also keep the electric costs down significantly.

Make sure you always contact a professional to carry out air conditioning maintenance and repairs, as specialist equipment is required – the refrigerants themselves will cause freeze burns if they come into contact with skin.

The team at Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning offer professional assessments and maintenance checks on all types of air conditioning systems. Our comprehensive service provides customers with a detailed assessment of their air conditioning systems at regular intervals throughout the year, detecting any possible problems with the unit before it becomes a bigger, extremely costly issue. Simply give us a ring or get in touch with us online today for further information about any of the services we provide – our friendly team are always on hand to help with any query.