• Less maintenance, less need to remove air coolers for cleaning
  • Engines run with safer, lower exhaust temperatures
  • Better power output, power does not drop off as air paths fouls and exhaust temperatures rise.
  • Better fuel consumption, fuel consumption does not rise as power drops off.
  • Greater engine efficiency & reliability. Cleaner, less restricted air paths provide consistently lower exhaust temperatures, so engines deliver maximum power with less risk of burning exhaust valves.
  • Less cylinder component wear. Engine will not suck in harmful abrasive particles when transiting areas like the Middle East.
  • Fewer health & safety risks. No need to chemically wash turbo with potentially harmful washing chemicals.
  • Environmentally responsible. PMAX filters provide a 100% air seal to effectively catch pollutants, unlike copper gauze or cheap throw away wraps. A proper filter promotes good combustion with less visible pollution.
  • Peace of mind. Knowing engines & businesses are protected


  • Strong sturdy construction. Steel end caps with wire mesh element. Able to withstand surging and heavy vibration.
  • Excellent sealing capability from gaps. No chance of Foreign Object Damage.
  • Long lasting, 30,000 hours plus.
  • Washable, environmentally friendly.