About us

Tim Clarke, the director and owner of PMAX Filters, has 25 years of maritime expertise. His experience as a chief engineer includes working on ro-ro ships, offshore supply ships, container ships, LPGCs, and naval ships.

Tim realized, through experience and operational events, that the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) air filters supplied with ship engines and turbochargers needed to alter immediately. With the intention of enhancing engine performance over the long run, he set out to enhance the product by improving long term engine performance, such as reduced operating and maintenance expenses and increased fuel efficiency.

PMAX Filters have customers the world over, from ships operating through the Arctic and all oceans in between to power stations in the Outback of Australia, the Pacific islands, and the island of Guernsey, near France.

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Introduction To PMAX Filters

PMAX Filters, Best Practice in Air Filtration for Ships Engines With kind permission from TT-Line Australia