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PMAX Filters have customers the world over, with ships operating from the Arctic to the Antarctic and all oceans in between, also power stations in the Outback of Australia, the Pacific islands and even the power station on the island of Guernsey, near France.

About Our Corporation

The Director and company owner Tim Clarke has 25 years sea going experience.  His experience as a chief engineer covers a variety of ships, including ro-ro’s, offshore supply vessels, container ships, LPGC’s & naval ships.

Through experience and operational events Tim recognized that Original Equipment Manufacturers, (OEM), air filters supplied with ships engines turbochargers had never been improved and were in dire need of change. He set out to improve the product with a goal to improve long term engine performance. He achieved this with flow on benefits such as better fuel consumption, lower exhaust temperatures with lower running and maintenance costs.

Since inception the filters have been upgraded and improved with feedback received from ships engineers throughout the world.