• 24, Apr 2023
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MS Stena Europe has Wartsila 12V32 Vasa engines with older ABB VTR 250 turbocharger on both the main engines and AE’s. PMAX Filters were first fitted to all the engines in 2008.

PMAX filters were first fitted on all the VTR 250 turbochargers in 2008 with a view to increase engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs and reduce exhaust temperatures.

Stena Europe has 4 Wartsila VASA 32 V12 engines  3 x Wartsila VASA 32 4R alternators a total of 11 x ABB VTR 250 turbochargers

The following are emails sent by the Chief Engineers



We received the filters in good order and have had them fitted to the main engines. They look great and are very simple to install.

Under our normal operating parameters we have found the exhaust temperatures have dropped around 20-30 degrees and T/C revs increased by 1000 and boost pressure increased by 0.15 bar. Needless to say we are well impressed with improvement and obvious fuel savings we should make.

No.3 ME has just had two reconditioned T/C’s fitted and clean air coolers so should be a good indicator for the cleaning cycle of the air coolers.

I have copied this e-mail to our Technical Manager and Fleet superintendent for their assessment.

An email from Stena Europes Chief Engineer received 5/4/2023

At a guess would say the filters last for around the 25000-30000hours, but could be more. As they get swapped around its hard to keep track.

Cleaner we use is Enviromate 2000 from drew marine which is not too aggressive which seems to work well for us giving us little bother.

The main engines themselves are getting close to 175,000 hours and generators 250,000 hours and still plodding away. Great engines!

OEM filters are a coarse copper gauze which cannot filter out dust, exhaust fumes, oil and other pollutants. PMAX Filters are washable and will increase engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and remove the cost and need to remove charge air coolers to be cleaned in acid baths.